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 TeamSky Rules

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Sky Rs
Sky Rs

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TeamSky Rules Empty
PostSubject: TeamSky Rules   TeamSky Rules EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 10:41 pm

Forum Rules:

•Do not advertise content not associated with TeamSky.
•Do not flame or disrespect staff members, They are here to help you.
•Do not ignore the stickies or appeal rules.
•Do not flame outside of the flame wars section.
•Do not rant outside of the rants section.
•Do not be racist.
•Do not post on Appeal threads/Only Adminitrators.
•Do not post on the wrong boards! Read the board descriptions.
•If you hesitate to think your post is spam, then it most likely is.
•Do not gravedig! We don't want to see post from 3 months ago replied to.

When the server is comming up!
Game Rules:

•Do not abuse of glitches/bugs.
•Do not advertise other servers.
•Do not disrespect or impersonate staff members.
•Do not hack other players.
•Do not PKP cheat.
•Do not DDoS.
•Do not post on Appeal threads/Only Adminitrators.

Account share at your own risk. If you get your account stolen, it will not constantly be recovered if you lose it more than once.

We are not the internet police.

ChatBox Rules
••Do Not Spam
•Do Not Disrespect Staff members (White/gold/green/gray/purple pawns)
•Do Not Flame
•Do Not be Racist
•Do Not ask for Member/Staff Ranks
•Do Not Advertise or give links

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TeamSky Rules
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